Chapter 7: Page: 34

posted September 17th, 2012, 4:06 pm

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December 8th, 2014, 3:51 pm

Dragon Turtle

She didn't start the fire.


That doesn't make any sense. The fire came from when that room full of trainers tried to all be superheroes, and pulled their pokemon out at the same time. The door exploded outward, with her screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! WHAT'SHAPPENIIINGG!!??"
There was no indication that she's the one who caused it.

How could she cause an explosion like that? None of her pokemon know any energy attacks, and even though she has talent, and done some questionable things, she isn't a home grown terrorist who could assemble a bomb out of random things in just a few minutes. She was chowing down on cake and chicken at the buffet! Yes, she did make boat move forward, but the implication of burning down a boat full of people is something else that's very significant. Yes, they probably already suspect her for it, but having her think she did it, despite all the evidence otherwise, makes no sense. This feels like the author trying to prolong and raise the stakes of Robin's conflict by forcing a wedge between her and the only empathetic authority figure she's met.

Also, how has no one stopped the boat? The police captain/detective (I can't recall her rank) was RIGHT THERE at the bridge, and apparently the boat can be stopped just by setting a switch upright.

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