Frequently Asked Questions

.... or not so frequent. But here are some questions that pops up a lot. If there's anything else you're curious about you may PM me.

What makes you do this kind of nuzlocke?

OhBOY where do I begin? So, uhm .... rant alert! I've created pokémon-stories since I was 9, but none were really ever finished. I sorta wanted to make a story based on a playthrough and when I discovered what Nuzlocking was I felt that this. This was the time. Doing my first nuzlocke was a completly new experience that almost rivaled the experience of playing a pokémon game for the very first time. So I wanted a child-protaganist (Robin is basically a deconstruction of the old self-insert characters I had in the stories I wrote as a kid). I also wanted to play with the idea of what would REALLY happen if you kicked out a 10-year old to live by themselves (spoiler: nothing good). Honestly though, all my stories become angsty even if I don't try to. This comic is a good example, it was supposed to be dark and goofy but became dark and miserable! Now I just roll with it. To think of it, all my earlier stories were sorta angsty too ... maybe it's my nordic blood. Anyway! I don't plan out this comic a lot. I have an over-all idea of how things are gonna go, and some scenes and elements I want to include. And that's basically what I do - I draw what I want to draw without pressure of actually creating something good. Drawing it is also a good way to keep my mind off other stuff when I feel sad.

PLZ continue? Will you continue?

I have no intentions to cancel this comic anytime soon.

How often does this update?

Updates are sadly very irregular. My goal is to update at least once a month. Hopefully more. When I've coloured enough pages for a 'part' I will upload it immedeatly, even if I've already updated at some point dueing the month. It won't free me from updating next month however.

Why don't you update more often?

IRL issues. Right now I'm in my third year of my Fine Art degree and schoolwork takes priority. I also have personal issues that sometime/often get in the way.

Can I donate money to get more updates?

No. It is a very flattering suggestion, but no. I don't want to feel any pressure to force updates. Also, I'm slightly worried about copyright-issues. And I don't really need any money at the moment.

Any plans to sell prints of this?

No. It would be cool though, so who knows.

May I translate this comic into another language?

I'm really surprised I've had this question THREE TIMES. But yes. Of course you may! As long as you make sure to link back to this site.

What do you use to make this comic?

I draw/doodle on simple A4 paper with a simple 2B pencil. Then I colour it with watercolours and scan it. As everyone who've used scanners know, they tend to screw up the colours, and even the majestic scanners at my school's mac-suite aren't perfect. So. Photoshop to correct the colours. And add a layer using every self-respecting artist's nightmare: the cutout-filter. I've found that doing so makes the colours blend together a bit softer, as the scanning process often sharpen the colours and transitions a bit too much for my liking.

Police hunting a 10-year old? WTF??? And PLOTHOLES!! IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

When I began to draw this comic I hade little to no plan except to draw a 'lolfunny' documentation. Leaning towards sorta dark humour. There was no attempt whatsoever to create coherence or a realistic functional society or whatever and I thought it would be funny if the main characters had to run and hide from the police. Turns out I'm not very good at lolfunny and everything turned out a bit more grim ... and dramatic. Which sorta makes it obvious that some elements have been handled quite clumsily and without much thought. But. What's done is done. And I'm not doing to quit or re-draw anything to fix all this. The comic may be a mess, but I don't care as long as I'm having fun drawing it.

That Nidoqueen is too big! They're only like 4 feet, check the pokedex!!

I may sound a bit harsh here but this complaint pops up a lot and ... really? REALLY? Why not complain about Bimm being oversized too? Or the fact that Puck is about a head shorter than the pokedex states. And you know what else? I'm not going to draw any 4 feet Gastly either. No but really. It's called artistic freedom. I draw the pokemon the way I imagine them and I don't give two shits about a device that claims that Magcargo's body is hotter than the sun. And big Nidoqueens look cool why do you even care???

You should totally catch a -insert pokemon here-!

Since this is a nuzlocke, I don't get to chose what to catch. Also, the run itself was finished sometime in 2011 so ...

I have this idea you should do ...

It's great that you have ideas (no, seriously, it IS great) but you should realize them yourselves. I will focus on my own ideas.

Does Robin have father?

Robin has a father. He has been seen in the comic but it's not Lt. Surge. :P

Cogito likes Puck , doesn't she? (ya in the air?)

No. There will be no romance in this comic.